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The Wright Family Center

State of Illinois awards Dieterich $2.1M grant for Community Center!! 

The Village of Dieterich received a $2,096,500 PARC Grant through IDNR. Blessed with this grant, the Wright Family Center will evolve from a modest facility with limited site furnishings to a modern facility, fully equipped from day one. It is important to note that the PARC Grant through IDNR will only cover recreational and support facilities and requires a 25% matching funds ($503,700). The 50 student daycare is not included in the grant funds and will continue to be 100% self-funded at a total cost of $400,000.


How Can I Support My Community? 

Donor Options For Every Budget

With the grant funding, the overall capital campaign will decrease 28% from $1.25M to $900,000. To date we have $500,000 of the $900,000 committed, not including monies from the home raffle.


There will be multiple ways to get involved and we would love your assistance.


Funding: There are three funding programs including a capital campaign including naming opportunities, non-government grants, and a home raffle with $100,000 cash option! Interested in donating, complete the form below to pledge your donation! 

Volunteers: Contact us. We would love to talk to you! 

All donations will be made to the Dieterich Community Improvement Foundation, a 501c3 organization, all donations will be tax deductible.

Submit Your Pledge

Once submitted a committee volunteer will be reaching out to get additional details and discuss payment timeline. 


In Partnership With: 

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